It's Time to Start Your Journey

Each service is designed specifically to meet your needs.  No two therapies or assessments are alike!


Eclectic therapy for adults and children drawing from a range of modalities

50 minutes: $200


Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological assessment to suit your needs

Basic: $1500
Comprehensive: $4500
Neuropsychological/Extended: $7500


Consultation services to assist in advocacy and navigating educational or mental health systems

Why Therapy

Seeking mental health support, while daunting, is one of the most rewarding, courageous, and healing decisions one can make.  You have unique gifts that are worth discovering and sharing with the world.  Identifying with and expressing these gifts will allow you to feel whole and to heal.

  • Approach: Multifaceted approach tailored to your specific challenges, life stage, and goals.
  • Style: Strength-based, culturally sensitive, trauma informed.
  • Issues: Relationships, Identity, Parenting, Depression, and Anxiety.
  • Modalities: Balance of depth (e.g., Psychodynamic, Jungian, Attachment), short-term (e.g., Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused, Mindfulness), and evidence-based (e.g., Collaborative Proactive Solutions, CBT, and DBT).
  • Population: Children, Teens, Young Adults, and Families.

Why Assessment

No assessment is the same as each is tailored to meet the client’s specific goals; however, many assessments seek to identify the client’s underlying strengths/ weaknesses, isolate proper diagnoses, create treatment recommendations, and serve as evidence to support educational or mental health services.

  • Strengths/ Weaknesses: Properly identifying your child's strengths and weaknesses allows parents to unlock their child's achievement potential.
  • Diagnosis: Isolating appropriate developmental, learning, emotional, or behavioral disorders allows for the most effective treatment and intervention.
  • Support services: Several public and private schools use individualized assessments to justify targeted mental health and educational services for your child.